When it comes to protecting your family, you try to be ready for anything. But the truth is, with so many threats at home and abroad, it’s impossible to prepare for every type of crisis. But you can’t afford to sit by, either. So, what’s the best approach to planning for emergencies? Identify the most likely scenarios and prepare for them.

When evaluating the likelihood of something going wrong, consider a variety of factors, including your location. After all, people living in New York City don’t need to focus on a wildfire response plan. Meanwhile, Kansas residents don’t really need to consider tsunami preparations.

Here’s a list of events worth planning for, regardless of where you live. There’s a decent chance that any 1 of the disasters on this list could impact the average American family.

Natural Disasters

When evaluating what natural disaster might impact your family, consider geography. Wildfires and flooding are genuine threats in much of the western United States. Residents of the Gulf Coast and the East Coast should prepare for hurricanes. Families along the San Andreas fault should know what to do in case of an earthquake.

In many natural disaster scenarios, prompt evacuation is usually your best bet. Make a plan to evacuate your family with the items they need to survive for up to a week. It’s wise to pack a go-bag for each family member containing their essentials. This bag should include toiletries, medications, clothing, and communication devices.

Many families have decided to invest in a portable solar generator. This type of generator requires no fuel and emits no fumes, so it’s safe to use indoors. It is quiet and recharges using a solar panel to capture energy from the sun. Power critical medical devices and recharge essential devices with a portable solar generator.

Power Grid Failure

There are several ways that widespread, long-term power outages can occur. The danger of an electrical grid failure goes beyond your own family’s discomfort. Such a failure could have severe impacts on American society. The longer it lasts, the worse things could get.

We’ve already seen examples of regional grid outages due to severe weather over the last few years. Unreliable and outdated infrastructure puts the reliability of electrical power in serious doubt. That’s why a generator with solar panel is always a good investment. A solar generator will let you run essential appliances when the power goes out. Even in a frigid winter or blazing summer, your family can stay safe and comfortable.

Economic Hardship 

Economic hardship is 1 of the disasters most likely to impact average Americans. It could occur on a massive scale, with supply chains crumbling and resources drying up. Economic hardship could also hit you in the form of a job loss.

If your company eliminates your job or you get hurt and can’t work, you still need to be able to take care of your family. In the short-term, survival food kits can make all the difference. These kits could prove valuable in a variety of survival situations. Still, you’ll be especially glad you have them when a trip to the grocery store isn’t possible.

You never know when disaster will strike. Being prepared is the best way to keep your family safe. Plan for these 3 common disasters, and you'll be 1 step ahead.

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