You’re focused on safety, so you’ve thought about how you would protect your family in a variety of emergencies. From hurricanes to forest fires, you likely have at least a rough idea of a plan to keep your loved ones safe. But without a room full of experts, it can feel impossible to plan for everything.

Most people plan based on probability. As far as statistics go, it makes sense to focus on the greatest risk. But it’s also worth taking a little time to research some less likely emergencies. You won’t see these scenarios in Hollywood scripts. But they can still pose a significant danger to your family and community.

Don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket. Take some time to learn about all the different types of emergencies your family could face. When the time comes, a bit of knowledge makes all the difference.


Drought isn’t the first scenario many people imagine when they think about survival. But it’s a legitimate threat. Americans living in states that depend on water from the Colorado River know how true this is. Still, drought can strike anywhere. It can bring long-term consequences and put millions of people at risk.

You might think of drought in literal terms—as a water shortage. This certainly poses serious dangers. But there’s also the impact on agriculture. How can a drought affect the food supply? In a severe, sustained drought, you could find empty shelves at your local grocery store. That’s why it’s best to maintain a stock of survival food that’s easy to prepare and tastes great.

Natural Gas Shortage

Reliable access to natural resources is key for millions of people’s health and safety. All around the world, natural gas is how many people heat their homes. Without it, harsh winters could become unbearable or even life-threatening. If natural gas was unavailable, how would you protect your family from the elements?

If a natural gas shortage is the only emergency, you shouldn’t have to relocate. Instead, you can use your collection of survival equipment. A key piece of survival gear is a solar generator. They consume no fuel and emit no fumes. That means you can use solar generators indoors to power electric heating tools. You can also cycle appliances and keep medical devices running. There’s no better way to replace natural gas when you need power most.

Flash Flooding 

Have you seen images or videos of flash floods on television or online? It can look scary. But until it happens to you, it’s hard to understand the true speed and power of a flash flood. It can get serious in the blink of an eye. When time is of the essence, it pays to be ready.

When authorities issue a flash flood warning, move to higher ground immediately. Should flash flooding occur, your home may be uninhabitable. You may even have to evacuate at a moment’s notice. In that case, your family needs survival essentials. With the right supplies, you can make it through the flood until help arrives.

Start by packing a go-bag. Fill it with vital toiletries, medications, clothing, and communication devices. You should also make room for emergency supply food you can bring along. That way, you know you have everything you need to stay safe during any emergency.

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